Standing Posture (Zhan Zhuang)
Easy to learn, difficult to master, also known as "standing like a post" we often just call it standing posture.  The first Taiji “form” that a student learns. This practice develops essential core skills all Tai ji players strive for.

Silk Reeling Exercises (Chan Si Gong)
Silk Reeling builds on the basic structure established in standing posture and adds circular movements. As one improves these circular movements become smaller and smaller. 

18 Essence Form(Shi Ba Shi)
The 18 Essence Form is a sampling of moves from Old Frame First Routine. This is a component of our Taiji for Health program.

Old Frame First Routine (Lao Jia Yi Lu)
This beginner form that is typically taught in Chen Village after the student is familiar with standing posture and silk reeling exercises. It contains mostly slow and few fast movements with repeated movements to increase familiarity.    

Single Straight Sword (Dan Jian)
The Jian (straight, or double edged sword), is a beginner’s weapons form. It is suitable for all Taiji practitioners. The sword is a more delicate weapon compared to the Dao (broadsword) or spear, and therefore is often associated with the Phoenix. The Jian is an elegant weapon often used by a gentleman or the more scholarly. The practice of the sword develops precise movements, focused awareness and the ability to project one’s jing or intention to the blade of the sword. This form is characterized by light, spiraling movements that demonstrate the internal aspects of Chen Style Taijiquan. The movements of the sword form is performed like a dragon flying through the sky – fluid, smooth and continuous..    

Old Frame Second Routine (Lao Jia Er Lu)
This form is also known as Cannon Fist. It is considered an advanced form and therefore usually learned after single straight sword is learned. It emphasizes the practice of "fajing" and contains more fast movements than the first hand routine.

Single Broad Sword


Push Hands (Tui Shou)
There are 5 progressive levels of standardized fixed Push Hands practice, each level builds upon the previous level.